The 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Clunes Tourist and Development Association Inc. is Wednesday, 28th September 2022 at 6:30pm, in the Ulumbarra Room at The Warehouse, 36 Fraser St, Clunes.

To save paper and printing waste, we will only have a small number of copies of these documents available at the meeting. Please prepare accordingly, and let us know if you require any assistance.


  • Welcome
  • Executive Reports for FY 2021/2022
    • Confirm minutes from the 2021 AGM (download)
    • (no special general meetings held since the 2021 AGM)
    • President’s Report (download): Annual report of the Committee, given by Dorothy Russell
    • Treasurer’s Report (download): Financial statements, given by Jason Judd
  • Special Resolution on the Purposes of the Association (text below)
  • Special Resolution on the Name of the Association (text below)
  • Declare committee and executive positions vacant
  • Nominate and elect the new members of the Executive Committee
  • Set the Fees and Due Date for the period 1st July 2023 to 30th June 2024
  • Close

If you cannot attend the meeting, you may appoint a proxy to vote and speak on your behalf. To nominate a proxy, please reply to this email with the name of your nominee. As this instruction was not included in the original notice for the AGM, we are extending the cutoff time for proxy forms until the opening of the meeting.

Nominations for committee positions will be accepted verbally during the meeting, there is no need to pre-nominate.

Special Resolutions

1) Amendment of Purposes

The current purposes of the CTDA are registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria are as follows:

The purposes of the association are – 

To promote tourism in, and development of Clunes and district.

  1. Making representation to local, state and federal government bodies in regard to matters affecting clunes.
  2. Maintaining and extending the walking tracks, tourist signs, visual displays etc. around Clunes
  3. Organising a committee to oversee the operations of the Clunes Caravan Park.
  4. Organizing entry to the Tidy Towns Contest run by the Keep Australia Beautiful Council.
  5. Organizing a town beautification committee.
  6. Liaising with the other community groups e.g. Primary School, R.S.L. Lions Club, Historical Society etc.

The committee is proposing that we update our purposes to better reflect the current intentions and activities of the association, and allow more flexibility around specific activities.

Proposed special resolution 1:

That the Clunes Tourist and Development Association Inc. update the purposes of the association in our rules as follows:

The purpose of the association are – 

To promote tourism in, and development of Clunes and district as a great place to live and work through:

  • Community advocacy in matters affecting Clunes and its citizens,
  • Maintenance, promotion and development of walking tracks and trails, tourist and wayfinding signage and interpretive exhibits,
  • Collaboration and coordination with other Clunes-based community organisations,
  • Provision of support, auspice arrangements and cross-promotion of local events, and
  • Facilitating communication and active engagement amongst local businesses.

2) Change of Name

The name of the association is “Clunes Tourist and Development Association Inc”, however the association is often referred to as “Clunes Tourism and Development Association Inc”, this includes a number of legal registrations, including banking and insurance. The committee feels the second name is more correct and natural, and updating would ease confusion.

Proposed special resolution 2:

That the Clunes Tourist and Development Association Inc. change our registered name to “Clunes Tourism and Development Association Inc”